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Why choose Shadybrook Hitching Post over other vendors? Venue flexibility is a must in achieving your dream event--and we get it. We believe in keeping YOU at the heart of your event where you should be! You have all the options here--just a ceremony, just a reception--or both! Up to 275 people inside or 400 outside. With a beautiful foundation already created for you, you do not need many extras to make your day incredible. Unless you want to!!!

Why are there service fees? For the silver package, there is no service fee--you rent our venue and we make recommendations for vendors. You do the footwork for your wedding. Our platinum and elite packages--we do the footwork. Service fees cover the time it takes to prepare your event and provide staffing.

What is the cancellation policy? We would be sorry to hear of a need to cancel. At this time, refunds are dependant upon time frame and booking a comparable event. If cancelling within 60 days of your event the full amount estimated is due. We are here for you so please discuss any issues and see if we can assist in resolving them! You chose us for a reason so let’s keep you!

Can we access the venue before our event? Yes! You can access the Barn by 10 am the morning of your event. We can also schedule revisits as needed so you feel confident in event preparation! The best part about us is you do not need alot of extras to make your wedding memorable and gorgeous. People will be talking about your event for years to come!

Are there vendor restrictions? You can bring in your favorite DJ, caterer, florist etc however, we do require our bartenders. We do require the use of chafing dishes for caterers so no crockpots or cookers are necessary. It is imperative that we know square footage of anyone bringing in extra equipment as well--ie photo booth vs magic mirror. Usually never an issue--it just helps us help you determine placement!

What are your scheduled payment plans? $500 will save your date and payment options can be discussed for what fits your budget. Final payment is expected by your pre event meeting approximately one month before your event.

Do I have to choose a tier right away after booking? You are not obligated to to choose a tier after initially booking with us. We still make recommendations of our favorite vendors, but it will be up to you to book them individually. If you choose our Platinum or Elite, we plan a second meeting, review our list of favorite professionals and let the text messages fly! Once we assist you in nailing down your foundation, our preferred vendors will be in touch with you to make extra sure you both are a great fit. They will hold your date until contact is made and the two of you meet with them. Imagine! Knowing right off the rip you have an amazing team supporting you from start to finish! All tiers are customizable so if you have your own favorite vendor just let us know! If you decide to have us add services at a later date, that is totally fine--we just can not guarantee securing your date with our preferred vendors. But we will assist in finding available professionals!!

Do you have any questions?

Most answers can be found in our FAQ's section but we are available just in case we missed something!

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